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Motor mist sprayer (cold fogger) OR-DP1

  • Tank capacity: 4L
  • Power source: AC
  • Mist diameter: ≤20μm
  • Total weight: 3.5Kg
  • Dimension: 370×260×410(mm)
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■ Product Introduction

1. Application Overview
With a wide application, the machine can be used for sanitation and epidemic prevention, disinfection, killing mosquitoes and flies in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other public places, also suitable for epidemic prevention in chicken farms, sheep farms, cattle farms and piggery etc.
The product has passed the CE safety certification, mainly exported to India, Indonesia, Russia, Holland, America, Morocco, and New Zealand etc.
2. Working Principle
Driven by high speed rotating motor, this machine produces high speed airflow, which generates negative pressure in the nozzle place, and suck out the liquid medicine. The liquid medicine begins the atomized spraying, propelled by the high speed airflow.
3. Maintenance
If the motor operates abnormally or emits an odor, stop the machine. It can be reused after repaired by the warranty units.
When the mist spray intermittent or no fog spraying, check the flow control valve whether it is opened too large causing leakage, or the “0” ring damaged and sealed untightly, or the joint of medicine tube leaks. Make the adjustment and change respectively.
When Spraying rate is low, check whether the flow control valve is started too small or shell joint leaks. If there is leakage, tighten the screw.


■ Technical Parameter

Dimension(LXWXH) 370mm×260mm×410mm
Power 1200W
Power voltage AC 220V/50Hz
Net weight 3.5Kg
Tank capacity 4L
Max.spraying quantity 300ml/min
Mist diameter 0---20μm
Spraying radius 6m
Environmental temperature 0℃—40℃
Environmental humidity ≤90%
Turn-on time Continuous work shall not be more than 30 minutes, 5 to 10 minutes intermittently

■ Features

OR-DP1 Product Features
1.The machine has reliable performance, in easy operation, saving the labor, is an ideal new disinfection sterilization motor mist sprayer.
2. Product design and technological advantage: Corrosion-resisting engineering plastic main structure.
Product Use Features
1.Wide application range, portable and easy to use.
2.High work efficiency: the liquid medicine output is 0-300ml per minute, much higher than similar products.  
3.High power, larger range.  
4.Strong penetrating power: with the smaller mist size, it has higher penetrating power and osmotic force.
5.High killing rate: with large range and smaller mist size, it has higher penetrating power and osmotic force, thus kill rate is higher.
6.Safety: because of the larger range, the spraying personnel can be far away from the sprayed pesticide, avoid medicine fog dropping to human body for the risk of poisoning.

■ Safety Attentions

The liquid medicine should be kept at normal temperature, the highest shall not more than 40℃.
Forbid the use of inflammable and explosive and highly corrosive liquid medicine.
Forbid the use of larger viscous liquids.
Forbid the use of powder.
Continuous work shall not be more than 30 minutes.


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