• Electric ulv sprayer OR-DP2

Electric ulv sprayer OR-DP2

  • Tank capacity: 6L
  • Power source: AC
  • Mist diameter: <15μm
  • Total weight: 3.0Kg
  • Dimension: 420x200x330(mm)
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■ Product Introduction

This product is suitable for the disinfection, insecticidal, and humidifying purposes in hospitals, hotels, airports and other public places, can also used for the sterilization and disinfection in henhouse, sheepfold, cowshed etc. It is a new sterilization electric sprayer, featured by reliable performance and convenient use.
The product has passed the CE safety certificate, exported to America, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Morocco etc.
When the motor rotates with high power and high speed motor, it drives wind leaf to produce the high speed rotary cut air flow, pressure the liquid medicine and deliver it to the convergence of elaborately designed nozzle and high-speed airflow by a certain flow (adjustable)at the same time, under the combined action of the high speed rotary cut air flow and nozzle special structure, the liquid medicine is broken into the tiny foggy particle and sprayed out.

■ Technical Parameter

Dimension 420x200x330(mm)
Power voltage AC 220V/50HZ
Power6 600W
Tank capacity 6L
Spraying quantity 0-400ml/min
Mist diameter <15μm

Spraying range

Power line length 3m
Net weight 3.0KG

■ Features

1.Because the mist diameter is only 5-20 micrometer, it takes the shape of fog, thereby the mist particle has the strong diffusibility, uniformity, not any dead angle.With larger protective range, longer space floating time, the liquid medicine can make full action. With the effective medicine, it can fully reflect the effect of killing pests quickly and air sterilization.
2.Product design and Technology advantages: corrosion-resisting engineering plastic main structure.
OR-DP2 Production Features
Large capacity, and easy to takelarge spraying range, delicate and uniform fog drop.
The medicine drop has long retention time in air. 
The flow rate is adjustable.high strength acid and alkali resistance.

■ Safety Attentions

1.When the machine is loaded with liquid medicine, forbid falling (overturning).
2.After use, clean the medicine tank with clean water immediately and spraying, so as to ensure the cleaning.
3.When cleaning the machine, forbid water spraying. The filter sponge is forbidden to take water when the machine starts.
4.When the power line or power switch protective coating is damaged, it can be reused only after repaired.
5.When spraying corrosive medicine, prevent the gas with the sprayed liquid from being inhaled into the machine, otherwise may cause serious damage to the motor.
6.It is prohibited to direct it at people when adjusting the spraying quantity switch.



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