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>> Electric ulv sprayer
  • Electric ulv sprayer

    With a wide application, the machine can be used for sanitation and epidemic prevention, spraying in urban greenbelts, gardens, and lawns etc, disinfection, killing mosquitoes and flies in hospitals

  • Electric ulv sprayer OR-DP2

    We are factory, a sprayer manufacturer.<br /> This product is suitable for the disinfection, insecticidal, and humidifying purposes in hospitals, hotels, airports and other public places, can also used for the sterilization and disinfection in henhouse

  • Electric ulv sprayer OR-DP2L

    Electric ulv sprayer OR-DP2L is a new sterilization electric sprayer, featured by reliable performance and convenient use which has passed the CE safety certificate, exported to America, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Morocco etc.

  • Electric ulv sprayer OR-DP3

    When the motor rotates with high power and high speed motor, it drives wind leaf to produce the high speed rotary cut air flow