• 6HYC-15 Portable thermal fogger

Portable thermal fogger 6HYC-15

  • Tank capacity: 5.2L
  • Power source: gasoline
  • Total weight: 8.8kg
  • Dimension: 1300 X 285 X 338(mm)
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■ Product Introduction

Production Introduction
The energy-efficient trigger type fogging machine is a kind of new spraying, fertilization, insecticidal sterilization machine, which is designed and manufactured using the pulse jet principle of space rocket engine. Without any rotating parts in whole machine, so there will be no mechanical wear in any case, and durable in use. This machine can make chemical and fertilizer into foggy shape, with excellent penetrability and diffuse, good adhesion, and strong resistance to the rainwash, featured by the simple operation,the reduction of chemical dosage substantially, high work efficiency, good insecticidal sterilization, and environmental protection. The control height can reach more than twenty meters and breadth reach spraying 20-50 mu per hour), which is that any instrument cannot achieve.
Application Fields
Agricultural fogging machine is suitable for the pest control of forest, nursery garden, orchard and tea plantation, the pest control of cotton, wheat, rice, corn crop and large areas of meadows, pest control of garden flowers and trees, vegetable garden in cities and suburbs and plants in greenhouse, the sanitation and disinfection of hospitals, meeting rooms, theaters, stadium, docks, stations, buses, passenger trains, disinfection sterilization of urban sewage and heating channel, cellar, air-raid shelter and various warehouses.
It is a new machine with insecticidal, disinfection and epidemic prevention functions. The fogging machine can be effectively used to purify the human living environment(especially for the high density population accumulation areas), epidemic prevention, plants and animals pest control, and epidemic prevention of human living environment except for effectively epidemic prevention of all kinds of agricultural and animal products diseases.


■ Technical Parameter

Model 6HYC-15
Rated spraying quantity 15 L/h
Gasoline consumption 1 L/h
Chemical tank capacity 5.2 L
Gasoline tank capacity 1.1 L
Net weight 8.8 kg
Fuel gasoline
Ignition power supply 2×1 # dry cells
Dimension(LXWXH) 1300 X 285 X 338(mm)


■ Features

The main advantage is the product has applied for the three national patents for invention, utility model, and appearance design.
1.No throttle control gear: The operation is simple to learn, in stable operation and no shutdown. The beginner can easily spray pesticides with no need for judging voice , really solving the technical problems that the other similar products on the market have trivial gear adjustment, difficult sound judgment, and easy shut down.
2.Fast startup, less power consumption, big power, low noise, hot and cold machine in easy starting.
3.Light weight and long service life. The engine is of the stainless steel materials, realizing the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, and light weight.
4.Good heat dissipation effect. By adopting the double-layer circulation cooling system, it increases the service life of the engine and accelerates the heat dispersion of the engine, making the machine more stable and reliable.
5.Far range, large spraying, good atomization, low oil consumption, portable and durable, and simple maintenance.
6.Saving labor, saving water and chemical, and strong penetrating power, no dead angle.


■ Safety Attentions

1.The machine is forbidden to use in flammable and explosive places, otherwise, it will cause danger.
2.The operators must be trained to work the machine, and should wear protective equipment.
3.In the treatment of pesticide, shall abide by the safety instructions from pesticide factory.
4.Forbid the use of strong acid and alkali etc special working fluid.
5.When the machine starts and is in use, it is strictly prohibited to direct the nozzle opening at people or flammable and explosive substances, lest cause burning or firing.
6.Only after shut down 10 minutes, can the hot machine be filled up with the gasoline, lest the gasoline splash outside to high temperature area and cause firing with careless operation.
7.When spraying fog in the room (including plastic-covered greenhouse), extinguish all the sources of ignition, turn off all the power. Don’t spray fog excessively, otherwise not only waste the drugs, but also easy to cause fire. After finishing the spraying, can't let the machine stay indoor full of fog. Before people entering, be sure to firstly open the door, open the window ventilated, don’t enter until fog completely dispersed, in case of poisoning.
Routine Maintenance
1.After use, discharge the unused liquid chemical out, otherwise it can make the tank and spare parts such as chemical tube early aging, corrosion, and reducing the life, even block the pipeline, influencing the next use.
2.After use, discharge the unused gasoline out.
3.In use, ensure that there is not any sediment and dirt inside the oil and fuel tank, liquid chemical and medical tank, lest cause oil and chemical way blockage.
4.After every use of the machine, please be sure to clear up the carbon deposition in the nozzle by using the random attachment “nozzle carbon cleaning tool”.



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