• Electric ulv sprayer OR-DP3
  • OR-DP3

Electric ulv sprayer OR-DP3

  • Power source: AC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
  • Mist diameter: 5-15 micrometer
  • Total weight: 6.4KG
  • Dimension: 800X235X290(mm)
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■ Product Introduction

When the motor rotates with high power and high speed motor, it drives wind leaf to produce the high speed rotary cut air flow, pressure the liquid medicine and deliver it to the convergence of elaborately designed nozzle and high-speed airflow by a certain flow (adjustable)at the same time, under the combined action of the high speed rotary cut air flow and nozzle special structure, the liquid medicine is broken into the tiny foggy particle and sprayed out. Because the mist diameter is only 5-20 micrometer, it takes the shape of water vapour, thereby the mist particle has the strong diffusibility, uniformity, not any dead angle.With larger spraying range, longer space floating time, the liquid medicine can make full action. With the effective medicine, it can fully reflect the effect of killing pests quickly and air sterilization.
It is used for epidemic prevention, disinfection and insecticidal work, such as H1N1 influenza, avian influenza, SARS epidemic control and disinfection, environmental disinfection after natural disaster, the sterilization and disinfection in airport, station, dock, customs, hotel, restaurant, school, office, shopping mall, entertainment venues, hospital, market places, community, food processing plant, animal farms, and the disinfection of vehicles(such as plane, train, bus, taxi, and ship etc). It is also applied to the air humidifying, poultry breeding spraying, and workshop dedusting etc.

■ Technical Parameter

Power AC 220V/50HZ ; 110V/60Hz
Power 1200W
Tank capacity 5L
Mist diameter 5-15 micrometer
Liquid output about 420 ml per minute
Carry of spray about 9 meters
Power line length 3 meters
Weight 6.4KG
Dimension(LXWXH) 800X235X290(mm)

■ Features

1.Small diameter of fog drop, uniform and delicate, large range, high efficient, low noise, good effect of atomization, strong osmotic force, fast diffusion. It can implement ULV spraying of large viscous chemical agents.
2.Big horsepower, high speed of gas spraying, high spraying efficiency, saving medicine.
3.With the scale, the medicine tank provides the convenient and accurate proportion of medication.
4.Equipped with the precise flow control valve, it can get the accurate output and diameter of fog drop.
5.More than 90% fog-drop is less than 15 micrometers in diameter, as long as 4 hours in air suspension time.
6.The medicine tank is of the high density and corrosion-resisting polyethylene materials, can spray the water formulations.7.The portable handle is strong, anti-skidding, corrosion-resisting, to avoid corrosion by the liquid medicine and damage by the strong accidental impact.
8.With the compact structure and beautiful appearance, the work becomes more portable and flexible.

■ Safety Attentions

1.Forbid spraying the charged articles.
2.It is advised to wear masks and protective clothing when using.(Notice the manufacturer's application information).
3.Do not spray at the flame or other fire sources. If the mist spray firing, immediately switch off the ball valve (chart 2) and close the motor.
4.The product is not suitable for spraying any inflammable liquid, when the content approximately 40g/m3, there will be the danger of explosion. Do not use alcoholic disinfectant with the alcohol content more than 10% and fire point less than 24°C(70℉).
5.When spraying, please keep away from the foods.
6.Do not switch on the machine with wet hand.
7.Forbid directing it at people when adjusting the spraying switch.


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