• OR-E02(Electric) Mini fogger

Mini fogger OR-E02(Electric)

  • Tank capacity: 1.3L
  • Power source: 220V/50HZ,700W
  • Smoke agent: 0# diesel oil(for reference)
  • Mist diameter: ≤30μm
  • Total weight: 1.5Kg
  • Dimension: 390×165×256(mm)
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■ Product Introduction

It is one of the power sprayer and can be used for the pest control, and also applied to the disinfection and epidemic prevention for improving the urban environment, such as:
1. Pest control of various orchards and fruits.
2. Pest control of farms and gardens.
3. Pest control in greenhouse.
4. Disinfection treatment of all kinds of poultry and livestock breeding places.
5. Pest control of flowers and trees in city gardens and family gardens.
6. The insecticidal sterilization and disinfection treatment in the cellar, air-raid shelter, waste transfer station, warehouse and other places.
7.The disinfection processing in automobiles, train carriages, passenger-cargo ship cabins, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other places.

■ Technical Parameter

Power and power 220V/50HZ 700W ; 120V/60HZ 850W 
Tank capacity 1.3L
Smoke agent 0# diesel oil(for reference)
Mist diameter ≤30μm
Total weight 1.5Kg
Dimension 390×165×256(mm)

■ Features

1.Adopt the most effective way of atomization.
2.Simple electric mode of heating.
3.Combustion chamber is of the special stainless steel, so its life is semipermanent.
4.It strengthens the security by adopting the safety valve device.
5.No noise, safe, convenient and efficient. It can use up all the residual liquid in medicine tank.
6.To produce fog by the hot wire ring nozzle, achieving the utmost disinfection effect.
7.Light weight, convenient, economic and practical.

■ Safety Attentions

Safety Precautions
1.Key: Please carefully read the manual before operating this product, and be sure to wear protective clothing, (gloves and goggles etc)
2.Operating this product should be in a well-ventilated environment, and no inflammable and explosive hidden trouble. Away from food, tableware and open flame, avoiding pollution and the occurrence of fire and explosion.
3.Don't spraying the fog near open fire- may lead to the product firing or explosion
4.At any time, keep face, hands and clothes away from metal shield. In operation the shield is at high temperature.
5.Forbid operating this product in the people or animals present places. Be sure to ensure the product and pesticides away from children.
6.Do not breathe in the fog.
7.Don't fill in too many pesticides, take off the plug before refilling again, and cool the product.
8.When no one cares or in no use, don’t switch on the power in case of fire.
9.Please be sure to follow the instructions of the pesticides. The tank should be properly handled when it is empty.
10.This product should be in indoor storage, and it will be not stored until the product is completely cooling.
11.Ensure the spraying control lock of the machine is in the closed position in no use. (i.e. the spraying control lock button pushed to the right ), in order to prevent pesticide accidentally from entering medicine tube. If the machine starts, the pesticide medicine liquid has accumulated in the medicine tube, which may cause liquid spraying thereby ignite or contaminate clothing and outdoor carpet, etc., and also harmful to the grass and plants.
12.In outdoor use by the extension cord, do not ignore the power of the extension cord and safety grounding line, otherwise, it will lead to an electric shock or fire.
13.If there is no proper grounding socket, please ask the qualified electrician to set up the safety grounding line
1.Oil pesticide has a lubricant effect on the medicine tube, hence with no need for any additional lubricant.
2.If the nozzle or medicine tube is blocked, take down the nozzle, clear up the nozzle holes with a small diameter wire, and then pull the end of the nozzle towards the ground, and insert the cable into the medicine tube to check and clear up the carbon deposited.



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