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ULV cold sprayer OR-DP1

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The DP1 cold sprayer can be used for pest control and epidemic prevention in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, garden and other public places. The product has passed the CE safety certification.
This machine is driven by a high-speed rotating motor to generate high-speed airflow, which generates negative pressure at the nozzle to suck out the liquid medicine. The liquid medicine starts to be atomized and sprayed under the impetus of high-speed airflow.
Technical parameters
Size: 360×256×405 (mm)
Power supply: 1200W (110V/ 220V, Optional)
Chemical tank: 4L
Net weight: 3.1 KG
Spraying range: 6M
Spraying speed: 0­-300ml/min
Mist size: <20μm
Working temperature: 0℃-40℃
Working humidity: Equal or less than 90%

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