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Electric mini fumigation sprayer OR-E02

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 Electric mini fumigation sprayer OR-E02 is mainly used in public places such as apartments, restaurants, karaoke rooms, residential buildings, school communities, hospitals and so on. Mini fogger with butane gas is also widely used in health and epidemic prevention departments, military bases and vegetable greenhouses. It can quickly kill mosquitoes, flies and other insects in the courtyards and other open area, and play a big role in epidemic prevention.

Electric mini fumigation sprayer OR-E02 has a simple structure, no moving parts, light weight, high fuel efficiency. The machine is mainly composed of electric heating, liquid and coil, through the slow, uniform squeeze the handle, liquid into the heat of the nozzle, liquid smoke after the direct discharge from the nozzle; after use should promptly start cooling pump with water. The machine is smoky, the average diameter of droplets 5-30 microns. Smoke has excellent penetrability and diffuse, thinner is oily type, and thus has good adhesion. The structure, weight and smoke effect of Electric mini fumigation sprayer OR-E02 is better than other machines which can not be compared with something else.

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