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Knapsack thermal fogging machine 6HYH -15

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The Knapsack fogging machine is a kind of new spraying, fertilization, pest control machine, which is designed and manufactured using the pulse jet principle of space rocket engine. It is suitable for the pest control of forests, gardens and orchards with low oil consumption, easy operation, high efficiency and good effect of insect prevention.


6HYC -15 Thermal Fogging Machine technical parameters
Size: 1200×285×338 (mm)
Power supply: Dry cell 2×1.5V
Chemical tank: 5.2L
Oil tank: 1L
Net weight: 8.8KG
Oil consumption: 1L/H
Spraying volume: 15-40L/H
Fuel: 90# purified petrol
Aerosol: 0# diesel oil or others

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