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Ten applications about thermal fogger

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Thermal fogger adopts a special heat-resistant stainless steel chamber, construction science, easy maintenance, durability and long life. Fogger is widely used, as following:
1, Forests, nurseries, orchards, tea plantations of pest control .
2, Cotton, wheat, rice, corn and other field crops and pest control large areas of grassland .
3, Urban, suburban, garden flowers, vegetables and garden plants in greenhouses pest control .
4, Hospitals, conference rooms, theaters, stadiums, docks, stations, buses, passenger trains sanitation and disinfection .
5, City sewer and heating tunnels, basements, bomb shelters, and a variety of goods warehouse disinfection treatment .
6, Sterilization hotels, entertainment venues, shopping malls, home and other places of treatment .
7, Cattle, horses, pigs, chickens and other livestock poultry breeding places disinfection treatment .
8, Garbage dumps, toilets, garbage channel high-rise buildings and canteens fly disinfection.
9, Sterilization of food processing plants, dairy plants, grain processing plants, breweries and other places of treatment .
10, Sterilization large area for urban public spaces occur infectious diseases and epidemic diseases treatment.

thermal fogger


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