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Processing materials about ulv sprayer

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Ulv fogger adopts low high-density polyethylene, light weight, acid, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, easy to carry. Nice reasonably compact, more lightweight and flexible work .
Main features of ulv sprayer :
1, The front end with a hose spray head with a switch button, any swing angle, instant switching, efficient and convenient, the provincial drug, a drug fast, liquid atomization good, high efficacy .
2, Battery capacity, long working hours, charging time, can work 5-6 hours .
3, Reasonable compact elegant, more lightweight and flexible work .
4, Intelligent work, easy to operate . When a drug first open electrical switch, and then open the liquid switch, you can work ; closed liquid switch, the pump starts automatically reduced reflux, the pressure inside the hose will not increase, will not hold the hose burst . Open the liquid switch, the pump automatically pressurized spray . Operation is very simple and convenient.
5, Using a wide range for various crops of wheat, corn, cotton, rice, fruit trees, greenhouses, grapes, tobacco, tea, flowers and gardening.



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