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Applications of self-propelled sprayer

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Self-propelled sprayer apply to drive the high-pressure air, wich  is raw power, forcing the liquid jet, when the injection end timing of the self-locking valve will automatically close when adding liquid will open automatically, once a year, just add gas. The nebulizer use, the liquid does not leak, no noise operation, the use of safe and convenient, saving labor.
Self-propelled sprayer is widely used in rice, wheat, soybeans, corn, tobacco, rapeseed, flowers, grass, fruit trees, vegetables, greenhouse farming, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline production of pest control, but also for a variety of vehicle cleaning, sanitation and epidemic prevention and so on.
Five advantages about sprayer as follows:
1, Save energy and protect the environment;
2, With a range of 8 meters, dense fog;
3, Saving labor and improve efficiency;
4, Safe, reliable and convenient to use;
5, Less wearing parts, and easy maintenance;



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