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Structural advantages of power sprayer

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power sprayerPower sprayer is easy maintenance, long life, easy to start, compact, convenient transportation, long range, good atomization effect, large operating range. Belt used for cleaning landscaping, lawn, plant quarantine zone, nursery stock base, garden, scaffolding crops, greenhouses, flowers, fruit trees, pest control, all agriculture, forestry, construction, machinery and equipment.
Advantages about power sprayer are as follows:
 Sprayer with a high-pressure piston pump, high-pressure spray gun configurations: higher lift, spray fruit trees easily.
• Extended multi-nozzle spray bar: flat spray, wider coverage wider.
• 25 L high-pressure polypropylene big kits: practical, safe, saving time and effort.
• Diaphragm type carburetor saving: the same kinds of models, fuel consumption is lower.
• Non-contact kick start mode: power type, easy to start.


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