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Application about fumigation fogger

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fumigation foggerFumigation fogger adopts high-quality materials, such as : stainless steel, Teflon, etc., to ensure the machine in extreme environments can also have excellent, stable and reliable performance. The whole machine has a sports frictions parts, easy maintenance, durability and long life. Balance supercharged carburetor, quick start, low fuel consumption ; unique ignition system, scroll bar, instead of the traditional spark ignition system ensures the machine is stable, easy, fast start .
Foggers apply special heat-resistant stainless steel combustion chamber, long life ; imported composite material intake valve diaphragm to ensure performance stability ; throttle kit, using precise scientific process to ensure reliable performance .
Smoke various insecticide spraying function, fungicides, while also various foliar spraying, saving 20% to 30% of the pharmaceutical, fog particle diameter is small, penetrating smoke produced can be described as all-pervasive smoke machine, can dense canopy even kill insects within the gap bark, how to smoke deposition equipment characteristics, enabling mist particles deposited on the positive and negative directions of each of the worm leaves, the higher deposition rate of a small target, such as insects tentacles and hair, etc. It is one of the pest control effect of a good cause.


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