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Air Blast Sprayers for sale

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air blast sprayerOriole company specializes in the research, production and marketing of new high-tech fogging machine, ULV sprayer etc pests prevention & control and plant protection equipment.
At present, the company is mainly engaged in the production of thermal foggy machines, electric ULV sprayers, Air blast sprayers,large vehicular fogging machines etc, including three series, dozen specifications of products, which are widely used in the pest control of agriculture, forestry, greenhouse, gardens, and flower nursery etc.
For air blast sprayers for sale , Oriole is an important supplier,and Air blast sprayers  is widely used in many fields. It needs to have a lot of attention during using process, which often places small droplets that are not intercepted by the canopy in a prime position to be carried off target. Drift can be managed by adjusting air deflectors and adding or removing nozzles to ensure the pesticide is directed into the canopy. Adjust nozzles and pressure to achieve the droplet size recommended on the label. Consider skipping the outer rows, particularly on the downwind side, to provide a buffer strip. Seriously consider planting windbreaks around the field edges to act as filters. Newer sprayer designs such as tower sprayers and tunnel sprayers can do an excellent job of keeping the spray in the canopy. Where feasible, consider using these types of sprayers.  

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