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Oriole is the electric sprayer manufacturer

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Zhengzhou Oriole specializes in the research, which is already a electric sprayer manufacturer in the sprayer market. They has production and marketing of new high-tech fogging machine, ULV sprayer etc pests prevention & control and plant protection equipment. With the powerful technology, independent research and development ability, perfect production and testing equipment.
The main features of electric sprayer :
( 1 ) Saving time, effort , high efficacy : Electric sprayer can install single nozzle or multiple nozzles, fight drugs fast, good atomization of liquid high efficacy .
( 2 ) Battery capacity, long working hours : fully charged, you can fight drugs 12 hours .
( 3 ) Low cost, high efficiency : playing one day syrup, spent only a few cents or so.
( 4 ) Small size , light weight , simple operation : hand pressure sprayer with slightly larger volume , empty weight about 6kg , fight drugs when you can just turn on the power switch as close handle the pressure switch to stop working , the operation is very simple.
( 5 ) Wide range of applications : for wheat, corn , rice, fruit trees, greenhouses, grapes, tea , flowers , gardening, as well as public places, sanitation disinfection of farms ideal apparatus. 

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