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Knapsack thermal fogging machine tips

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1.To correctly install Knapsack thermal fogging machine parts. Check all connections for leaks, use, install the water spray test, then loaded Pharmacy.
2.Official use, the first Canadian Pharmacy after adding water, the liquid level of the liquid can not exceed the safe water mark. Before spraying, pulled the rocker more than 10 times, the barrel rise in atmospheric pressure to the working pressure. Pulling the joystick can not use excessive force, in order to avoid the explosion of the gas chamber.
3.Initial loaded drug solution, due to containing water within the air chamber and the spray bar, the ejected liquid concentration within 2 to 3 minutes in the spray initially low, it should be noted that fill spray, so as not to affect the pest control effect .
4.Work completed, should be promptly poured bucket residual liquid and washed with water drained, at the same time, check the gas chamber without water, if any stagnant water to remove the water connector release hydrocephalus.
5.Short term use sprayer, the main components should be clean, dry bottles in a cool dry place. If you do not have long-term, will have various metal parts butter to prevent rust.

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