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Sprayer spray principle analysis

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Receptacle kits both liquid storage tank is the receptacle dust box, simply dress different parts within the receptacles kits. The nozzle is composed mainly from a plastic member, whether Mist and dusting facelift with the same supervisor, on which the different components can be. Engine and fan are damping device fixed on the rack, to reduce the transmit their vibration generated by high-speed dynamic change to the rack.

Mist works: When the high-speed rotation of the engine crankshaft driven fan impeller, high pressure air generated by the fan, the most by fan outlet flow nozzle, a small number of flows through into the air valve, hose, filter reaches the storage aid boxes space on the drug solution, exert a certain pressure on the liquid surface, the liquid in the wind pressure through the pink door, the water plug connector, infusion tube, switch reaches the nozzle (the so-called air pressure infusion).

Nozzle located at the Mist nozzle pipes, the air flow from the fan vent sent through here due to the cross-section suddenly narrow flow rate of the sudden increase, negative pressure at the nozzle. Liquid storage kits together by positive pressure and negative pressure here, a steady stream from the nozzle, coincided with the high-speed air flow from the nozzle to the encounter. Differ significantly due to both the flow rate and vertical direction, so the high-speed airflow by nozzle trickle or coarse droplets Cut into tiny droplet diameter in the 100 ~ 150μm, and carried by the airflow to the distance, in the carriage along the way, stream from the small droplets further dispersed, finally settling down. Most of the high-speed airflow from the fan, fan outlet flow to the elbow, nozzle, small part of the intake valve into blowing powder tube.

Due to high wind speed, air pressure, air flow begins blowing the powder tube hole blown out of the storage medicine cabinet at the bottom of the powder blown loose and blowing the powder door (the so-called airflow lose powder). Same time as most of the high-speed air flow through the fan outlet elbow, in loses the powder at the nozzle caused a certain degree of vacuum, so when the the powder door switch is opened, the powder by powder door lose powder pipe is sucked into the elbow, and mixing of a large number of high-speed air stream, and is blown by the nozzle to crop.

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