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Knapsack electric sprayer use and maintenance

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knapsack electric sprayerThe use and maintenance introduction of knapsack electric sprayer in Zhengzhou Oriole Electronic (Group) Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.
1. To properly install electric sprayer parts. Check all connections for leaks air and water, before use to install clean water spray test, and then load Pharmacy.
2. For the formal use, add Pharmacy first and then add water (if not, Pharmacy floating in the upper, not full integration with water ), the pharmacy liquid level can not exceed the safe water mark.
3. Not facing humans and animals when spray, in order to avoid poisoning. Sprayed evenly, so as not to affect the pest control effect.
4. After the electric sprayer finished, the residual liquid should be poured and washed with water drained.
5. If the short-term do not use the sprayer, the main components should be clean, dry and put the knapsack eletric sprayer in a cool dry place. If you do not oue for long-term, please spread butter on various metal parts to prevent rust.

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