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The main components of chemical fogger

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The new chemical fogger including spray tank, the gas generating chamber, acid tanks, nozzles, nozzle switch is composed of a nozzle spray through a nozzle at the bottom of the barrel switch communicates with the upper gas-generating chamber communicating spray tank, the key is set into the acid tank gas generating chamber cavity, acid tank bottom has a drain hole in communication with the gas generating chamber, the upper barrel of acid gas generating chamber communicating, fitted with a pressure mechanism on the acid tank.
Chemical fogger due to the pressure difference between the inside and outside acid tank zero pressure, avoid acidic liquid mixed with the liquid to be sprayed barrels, and acid tank due to the pressure difference inside and outside the insecurity caused by excessive acid tank explosion. Simultaneously with automatic constant voltage, overvoltage protection, simple structure, easy to use features, has some social significance to disinfect public environment, to prevent the spread of infectious virus, but also can use a chemical reaction to produce hydrogen, and carbon dioxide gas extinguishing inflatable or plant protection spray operation.

chemical fogger


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