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mosquito killer thermal fogger machine prevent zika virus

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Ebola epidemic in Africa has not yet completed, there have been outbreaks of the Americas A arboviruses, such as arboviruses Zika virus (Zika Virus). In February 2014, in Easter Island, Chile found Zika virus infection first indigenous cases. May 2015, Brazil began to Seneca virus outbreak. As of January 26, 2016, there are 24 countries and regions have reported outbreaks, including 22 in the Americas, currently European countries have been reported to spread global trend.
People after being infected Aedes mosquito infected with Zika virus - mosquitoes and the spread of dengue fever, yellow fever and chikungunya same mosquito type.
Currently no vaccine.
Zika virus infection source reduction (removal and reconstruction breeding ground) as well as to reduce the contact with people to reduce mosquito infection.
Recommended measures: Use insect repellent; Put cover body parts as clothes, preferably light-colored clothes; use gauze doors and windows closed and other physical barriers; sleep inside mosquito nets. Further more important is to buckets, flower pots or car tires and other water storage containers may be emptied embodiment, be covered or kept clean, can thereby removing mosquito breeding environment.

So we suggest using thermal fogger 6HYC-15,a large area of fumigation spray to prevent spread of the virus Zika. You can use mini fogger to kill mosquitoes indoors. As shown, if you have any demand please contact us. Thank you!


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