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The working principle of ULV sprayer

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Ulv fogger is widely used in various industries, it can improve work efficiency, saves time for staffs. Ulv fogger has many advantages, and following a brief introduction about ulv fogger works.

Ulv sprayer uses high-power, high-speed motor driven rotary blades produce high-speed peeling airflow, while the liquid pressure at a certain flow to the well-designed nozzles and high-speed airflow confluence of the nozzle at high speed peeling airflow and special structure interaction next, the liquid mist particles fractured into tiny, mostly in the fog particles 5-50 microns in diameter, the appearance of the water mist. So that the liquid fog particles diffuse in the space has a strong, uniform, without any dead angle. Spraying wider, longer floating in space, so the liquid can fully play its role, even if the activities of insects can not escape. With effective drugs can play a full kill pests and air disinfection.

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