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The maintenance and precautions power sprayer

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The large capacity power sprayer is easy to use, with high efficiency, and loved by more and more farmers, now the power sprayer has become the main tool for greenhouse pest control. However, electric sprayer for improper operation and maintenance not timely prone to failure. How to extend the life of the power sprayer, the reporter interviewed the sprayer sales work in Zhengzhou Oriole Electronic (Group) Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd, he suggested that the farmers should do the following aspects.
First of all, check each connection for leaks when first use. Before using, pour water for spray test, and then load pharmacy. First adding pharmacy then adding water, the liquid level of the liquid can not exceed safe water line. Before spraying advance power sprayer open, so that the barrel pressure goes up to the working pressure, in order to ensure a smooth spraying.
Secondly, the after power sprayer use, the solution barrel, hose, lance should be cleaned, pay special attention to remove grease, liquid pump and soil on the bottom of the barrel. Because most pesticide has corrosive effect for power, it is necessary to timely wash use alkaline water, then rinse with water. Especially corrosive pesticides such as Bordeaux mixture spray, preferably soaked with lye 1 to 2 hours. Those disassemble parts must be removed to wash clean. If you do not use the power sprayer for long-term, will have various metal parts butter to prevent rust.
In addition, the core components of the electric sprayer are pumps and battery. Although several market now pumps, these pumps are afraid to plug. Must use clean water will drug must use a small strainer to filter, add water to prevent clogging.

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