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ULV cold fogger

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ULV cold fogger‘s main application : chicken and pig farms with livestock and other farm disinfectant spray administered farms, spray immunization; disinfection slaughterhouses, food processing plants and other establishments.
Here is a brief about advantage of ULV fogger machine compared with traditional disinfection : 
1, Good atomization performance, small grains spectral range, ≤ 20 micron fog particles account for more than 90%, spray width> 1m, spray from 6m-8m, spray volume 250ml/min. 
2, Droplet size adjustable, high uniformity even in the winter mist can also be the delivery room with livestock disinfection, avoid stress, can not use the traditional large droplets will not let discounted humidity, 
3, Small size, light weight, the machine weighs about 6kg, hand shoulder can be easy to use. 
4, indoor spraying disinfectant than the provincial drug fumigation, time-saving, high efficiency, good sterilization effect. 
5, To make air and surface disinfection places simultaneously achieve disinfection. 
6, Fogger can not wipe disinfection artificial ceiling, lampshades, wall, radiator and equipment, such as cracks, spray disinfectant aerosol spray.

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