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Structural performance about rechargeable battery sprayer

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Rechargeable battery sprayer solve the existing AC power adapter or the use of gasoline, diesel and other energy and not a problem for emergency use anywhere about sprayer. Its battery pack to power through voltage control circuit connected to a DC motor, DC motor connected to the screw conveyor through the power of high-lift self-priming pump, pump suction pipe connected to the tank, pump nozzle outlet connection.
Battery sprayer directly use the battery to achieve energy conversion, without external pull wires, easy to use, low cost; light weight, small size, integrated, easy to move operation, you can use anywhere, especially suitable for spraying pesticides, foliar fertilizer, agricultural irrigation , drainage, urban construction, mining, construction site drainage and the lack of power of wild places, and versatile.
Rechargeable battery sprayer applies to end all kinds of crops, orchards liquid spray and pest control, can also be used in public places, health and epidemic prevention, disinfection, termite prevention projects and other purposes.

rechargeable battery sprayer


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