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Advantages and disadvantages about Thermal fogger application

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The advantages of using thermal fogger in protected areas are: high productivity, especially in the lush crop growth, efficacy can be a good play in a confined space, and labor saving. Since when do not use water jet smoke, does not increase the humidity inside the greenhouse, the crop less pollution. Operator outdoors, is not affected by drug contamination job. Thermal spraying in the evening when the smoke effect.

This fogger application disadvantages: only use pesticides without heat decomposition, there are limitations in the application. Thermal fogger high temperature pulse jet engine exhaust, high-speed thermal cracking of volatile gas so that liquid was smoke-like discharge. Fogger exhaust temperature of 800-1000 ° C, usually in the droplet size range of 5-20 microns. Some also use the proliferation of agents to assist atomization. When using the thermal fogger on the greenhouse door inward spray, smoke particles in about two hours can be attached to the basic settlement.

Thermal fogger


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