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Do pet homes need to be disinfected?

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Because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, everyone pays special attention to various viruses and bacteria, especially families with pets, because humans can actively stay away from items that are harmful to their own health, but pets do not know these, so pet owners should pay more attention to disinfection Work.
First of all, the source of pets should be healthy, keep them at home and don’t let them go out “running wild”; feed clean water and dog food, cat food, not raw or contaminated food; vaccinate according to regulations, and go to the hospital in time when sick Pet hospital diagnosis and treatment; usually pay attention to daily hygiene, wash hands after touching animal excrement, keep animal daily utensils clean, regularly disinfect and dry pet supplies, make the home environment more hygienic and safe, and keep pets and owners away from bacteria With the virus, we can live together warmly and lovingly.

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