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New Style Fog-mist Thermal Dual Sprayer for Smoking and Misting

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New Style Fog-mist Thermal Dual Sprayer OR-F03

New style fog-mist thermal dual sprayer OR-F03 is best seller and gets sound feedback from clients since it was promoted to the market. The fogger can be used for both smoking and misting as required, to realize two purposes on one machine. 

The fog-mist thermal dual sprayer is designed for disinfection, insect control such as mosquito, ant, fly, bedbug, ect. If used the function of smoking, oil-based chemicals can be used; if used the function of misting, water-based chemicals can be used.

This model of  fog machine has two kinds of gas can connectors for you to choose from, butane type and propane type.

If you are searching for such dual use fog machine, please do not hesitate to contact us and welcome to try our fog mist dual use fogger OR-F03.


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