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Maintenance work of mini fogger OR-F02 (Butane)

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Mini fogger OR-F02 (Butane) is wide adaptability, which can be used for health and epidemic prevention, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other public places, disinfect, kill Mosquitocide. Also applies to the chicken farm, sheep farm, cattle and pig disease prevention disinfection and other places.
Mini fogger has reliable performance, easy operation, and effort, is an ideal new sterilization electric sprayer. Three maintenance work of fogger :
♦ The use of the motor is running or motor abnormalities should stop using the odor. Subject to warranty repair unit before use.
♦ When not spraying intermittent or spray mist, you can check the flow control valve is opened too big leak. Or flow regulator "O"-ring damage on the valve, Mifengbuyan cause leakage. And drug possession interface leaks, were regulated and replacement.
♦ Low velocity spray, you can check the flow control valve is opened too small, or whether the case is connected at the leak, if the leak tighten its screws.

mini fogger OR-F02


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