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Introduction of OR Series Thermal foggers and ULV Cold Foggers

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 Being one of the largest & professional manufacturers of ULV FOGGERS and THERMAL FOGGERS in China, we have been in this line for more than 25 years. At present, our OR Series Thermal foggers include six models: Professional Thermal Foggers 6HYC-15 and 6HYH-15 (these two models use petrol as fuel); Mini Gas Foggers OR-F01, OR-F02, OR-F03 (the three models use butane or propane as fuel) and OR-E02 (this model is 220V AC electrically powered); 

In additon to Thermal Foggers, we also have Electric ULV Cold Foggers,which include five models: OR-DP1, OR-DP2 , OR-DP2L , OR-DP3 ,(these four models are 110V/220V AC electrically powered) and OR-DP3Z DC Electric ULV Sprayer (this model is 24V DC battery powered).  
You're warmly welcome to contact us if you're interested in our OR Series Thermal foggers and ULV Cold Foggers.

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