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Five advantages of portable fogger

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Portable fogger overcome the many shortcomings of ordinary hand pressure sprayer, the new fogger with pressure, good atomization, high efficiency, low cost, no maintenance, long life and other advantages of the machine is the ideal replacement spray products.
The new fogger main features :
1, Saving time, effort, high efficacy : You can install a single nozzle, two, multiple nozzle, a bucket capacity of 16-18 liters. Due to pressure, can produce two cubic meters of fog, a drug fast, liquid atomization good, high efficacy.
2, Battery capacity, long working time: fully charged, you can fight drugs about 30 barrels, at noon and then add 2 - 3 hours, you can also fight drugs 20-26 a barrel.
3, Low cost, high efficiency : the day playing syrup, just spend a bit of money around . Fight drugs speed, high efficiency, the efficiency of the gasoline engine with 400-800 yuan / Taiwan closer.
4, Small size, light weight, simple operation : hand pressure sprayer with a slightly larger volume, empty weight about 4.8kg, when you turn on the power switch just to fight drugs can make, turn off the power switch stopped working, the operation is very simple.
5, Portable fogger hasWide range of applications : for wheat, corn, rice, fruit trees, greenhouses, grapes, tobacco, tea, flowers, gardening, and public places, the ideal utensil sanitation disinfection of farms.

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