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How to choose electric fogger

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electric foggerElectric fogger is widely used in a variety of crop diseases, insects and weeds prevention, forestry and garden pest control, and other aspects of health and disease prevention spraying operations.
Fogger wide range of products, generally distinguished by the structure has a built-in air chamber and external categories, distinguished by the production process there are two types of blow molding and injection molding processes. Due to the simple spray structure, low price, market demand, production inputs is not easy to assemble. Therefore, there is a lot of fake and shoddy products sprayer living space, but also occupies no small market share. Spray quality problems generally manifested in the following aspects:
① Material does not meet the requirements.
② Cut corners.
③ Safety warning signs do not meet the requirements.
④ Shoddy.
Due to the quality of the product is good or bad fogger operator will directly affect human health and human safety, safety of agricultural products and cause environmental pollution problems, so users need to pay attention when choosing the sprayer to ensure the quality and testing.



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