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Classification of Agricultural fogger machine

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Agricultural fogger machine can be broadly divided into three categories according to power form : the manual, electric and motorized three categories.
1,An ordinary hand sprayer :

♦ Advantages: low prices. Easy maintenance accessories low prices.
♦ Disadvantages: inefficient, labor-intensive jobs suitable for large area .
2, High-pressure automatic sprayer :


♦ Advantages : high efficiency ( up to 4 times the normal hand sprayer ), low labor intensity, continuous operation. Vulnerability of the lowest rate of less maintenance, almost no cost. Atomization meet or exceed the electric sprayer, injection range of up to 7-11 meters .
♦ Disadvantages: The sprayer must first spend two minutes or so into the drug pressure sprayer before spraying . Using different methods and other sprayers to read the instructions to good use .
3, Electric sprayer :


♦ Advantages : high efficiency ( up to 3-4 times the normal hand sprayer ), low labor intensity, easy to use. First impression is good, easy to sell .
♦ Disadvantages: battery capacity battery determines the length of time of continuous operation sprayer .
4, Motorized sprayer :


♦ Advantages: good high efficiency spray effect.
Disadvantages: purchase price, high cost, a barrel of water to a few cents to a dollar oil money . Since major, noise, pollution, high temperature machines, machine hand operating environment is poor.


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