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Thermal fogging machine and cold fogger

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 We are a factory,  specializing in producing cold fogger and thermal fogging machine. Self-produced and sold, and exported to Europe, South America, Asia and other countries.

Our products include fogger machine: OR-F01, OR-F02, OR-F03, 6HYC-15; cold fogger : OR-DP1, OR-DP1T, OR-DP2, OR-DP2L, OR-DP3 and OR-DP3Z.
OR-F02 and OR-F03 have two different gas fuel: propane and butane,
OR-DP1 and OR-DP1T have two stype nozzles, one has three nozzles, and one has one nozzle.
The length of OR-DP2 and OR-DP2L tube is difference. 
We think, there's always one for you.
For technical parameters, please refer to our product page:
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