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ULV Sprayer for Mosquito Control

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ULV Sprayer for Mosquito Control

The annual summer is coming and various insects become rampant. Most of insects such as

mosquitoes carry virus and spread diseases to human being, which would greatly threaten

human's health. Therefore, Mosquito controlling sprayer and fogger are necessities of life.
The ulv sprayer OR-DP1, a kind of cold fogger, uses water-based chemical. This sprayer is

clean for environment and healthy to human beings. The chemical sprayed out can be direct to

the insects, achieving better disinfection effect.

With high stability and performance cost ratio, ulv sprayer OR-DP1 is very popular with

clients and get very good feedback from clients.

For no-insect summer and healthy life, welcome to try our thermal foggers and cold foggers.

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