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ULV handing cold sprayer

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ULV handing cold sprayer is widely used in many fields, it can also be applied in gardens and other enclosed spaces, the most important is the application in addition to large-scale crop pests. Hot summer is high season pests, in hot weather, farmers have to spray pesticides to crops, or crops will be eaten by worms, closing achievement bad. So, the summer hot weather is the most frequently used insect sprayer season, in this weather, spraying personnel must pay attention to protecting themselves.
Hot weather use ULV handing cold fogger application methods, and usually no difference, but the operator must wear long-sleeved shirt and long pants, back to put plastic sheeting to prevent ULV handing cold fogger in the liquid spread out, because at high temperatures Weather human pores are open, pesticides easily from the pores into the body, causing poisoning effects on the human body. 


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