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Fighting against H7N9 bird flu with OR Series ULV cold foggers and Thermal foggers

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Human infections with a new avian influenza A (H7N9) virus (“H7N9”) were first reported in China in March 2013. Annual epidemics of sporadic human infections with H7N9 viruses in China have been reported since that time. Nowadays, it comes again, while the ideal devices for preventing it appears,too---OR Series ULV cold foggers (OR-DP1,OR-DP2, OR-DP2L, OR-DP3 and OR-DP3Z Battery ULV Sprayer) and Thermal foggers(Gas powered Mini foggers OR-F01,OR-F02,OR-F03, Electric mini fogger OR-E02, Shoulder-load Thermal fogging machine 6HYC-15), these ULV Cold foggers and Thermal foggers can uses either water-based or Oil-based chemicals for disinfection and sterilization.It's believed that these foggers will play an important role in fighting against H7N9 Bird flu.

Edited and published by Mr.Tony Lee

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