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ORIOLE New Design Fogger Machines

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According to customer needs, ORIOLE has launched new products into market, fog-mist dual use fogger OR-F03 and tri-jet ulv sprayer OR-DP1T. Both are very popular with clients.

OR-F03 is fog-mist dual use fogger, can be used for smoking and misting. For smoking, oil-based chemicals are used; for misting, water-based chemicals are used, achieving the purpose of one machine with dual use. 
Tri-jet ulv sprayer OR-DP1T is cold fogger with three nozzles. Compared with cold fogger OR-DP1 (with one nozzle), tri-jet ulv sprayer OR-DP1T is of tinier mist size and longer spraying distance.

ORIOLE foggers are developed products and keep improving to meet the market demands.

Welcome to enquiry, try and order ORIOLE foggers. ORIOLE will always respond in the first time with best service, best product and best price.

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