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New Model ULV Cold Fogging Machine OR-DP1T with 3 Nozzles

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 Tri-jet ULV Cold Fogger OR-DP1T

Motor mist sprayer OR-DP1 is hot sale product for years and is very popular with users for disinfection and pest control,
while new model tri-jet ULV cold fogger OR-DP1T is upgrade to sprayer OR-DP1.
ULV sprayer OR-DP1T has 3 nozzles with tinier mist and longer spraying distance, achieving great treatment effect and saving more chemicals.
In the season of recovery in all things, insects come alive and spread virus rapidly.
And ORIOLE thermal foggers and cold foggers are best choice to control insects and prevent virus and dissease.
Warmly welcome here to try our tri-jet cold fogger OR-DP1T, to keep you a clean and health environment. 

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