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ORIOLE High Efficiency Fogging Machine for Sterilization and Disinfection

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Cold winter is coming,various viruses spread out, such as influenza virus, COVID-19, ect. To keep a clean environment for healthy life, ORIOLE ulv cold foggers can help to prevent virus and control insects.

ORIOLE ulv cold foggers include ulv sprayer OR-DP1, OR-DP1T, OR-DP2, OR-DP2L and OR-DP3 (AC 220V/110V) and battery sprayer OR-DP3Z (DC 24V 15AH).
All these cold foggers work with water based chemicals or disinfectants and spray out mist. With tiny mist size, the chemicals or disinfectants will leave on surface evenly, and get into every conner of the sprayed objects, ensuring the thorough sterilization and disinfection in the environment.
Among these sprayers, OR-DP1 (1200W) is with 4L chemical tank, hot sale for years, and OR-DP1T is upgrade of OR-DP1, with 3 nozzles, longer spray distance and tinier mist size.  
OR-DP2 and OR-DP2L (600W) are with 6L chemical tanks, with tinier mist size and energy saving function, popular with clients.
OR-DP3 (1200W) is with 5L chemical tank and bigger spraying speed.
OR-DP3Z (DC 24V 15AH) with battery as power, is portable and can be carried to everywhere as you like.

All above, there is always one for you. You are warmly welcomed to enquiry and try ORIOLE ulv cold foggers. 

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