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ORIOLE Fogging Machine for Virus Prevention

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In late autumn it's getting colder and colder. It's a season when all kinds of viruses are epidemic, such as influenza virus, COVID-19, ect.

ORIOLE fogging machines are ideal tools to prevent all kinds of seasonal viruses, leaving us clean and healthy living environment.

ORIOLE fogging machines include thermal fogging machines and cold fogging machines. Thermal fogging machines are oil-based hot foggers and generate smoking, while cold fogging machines are water-based cold foggers and generate misting.

Thermal fogging machine series: gasoline powered thermal fogger 6HYC-15, butane gas powered mini fogger OR-F01, butane/propane gas powered mini fogger OR-F02, butane/propane gas powered fog-mist dual use fogger OR-F03, and electric fogger OR-E02.
Cold fogging machine series: electric ulv sprayer OR-DP1, OR-DP1T (3-nozzle), OR-DP2, OR-DP2L, OR-DP3, and battery operated ulv sprayer OR-DP3Z.

Kindly please choose the right fogger as per your need, to prevent seasonal virus and keep your life clean and healthy.

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