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Popular sprayer machine

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Sprayer machine is one of our main product, and very popular in the market.
The machine is suitable for the disinfection, insecticidal, and humidifying purposes in hospitals, hotels, airports and other public places, can also used for the sterilization and disinfection in henhouse, sheepfold, cowshed etc. It is a new sterilization electric sprayer, featured by reliable performance and convenient use.

The Sprayer machine has passed the CE safety certificate, exported to America, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Morocco etc

When the motor rotates with high power and high speed motor, it drives wind leaf to produce the high speed rotary cut air flow, pressure the liquid medicine and deliver it to the convergence of elaborately designed nozzle and high-speed airflow by a certain flow (adjustable)at the same time, under the combined action of the high speed rotary cut air flow and nozzle special structure, the liquid medicine is broken into the tiny foggy particle and sprayed out.

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