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What physics are usually applied in farm sprayers?

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With the current modernization of agriculture, whether it is for fertilizing crops and destroy pests, or for disinfection, farm sprayer is an indispensable tool for farm management. Currently, there are four sprayers according to principles of spray .
Bernoulli's Principle: refers to the same fluid, the flow rate, and pressure small; small flow rate, the pressure stronger. Fluid will flow automatically from the high pressure. Trigeminal tube through the low-speed to high-speed stream of water flowing air. Water is a little high velocity air ripped a small drop, like water in the faucet, these small droplets erupted since become foggy.
After the high-speed flow over obstacles up into small droplets principle: The second refers to the pressure caused by high flow into the thin tube, high-speed flow into small droplets after tripping over obstacles principle. Like putting a finger tap open blocked. Household sprayer more with this structure, the cost is low.
The centrifugal force of the liquid thrown principle: the third means is a high speed rotating atomizing disc thrown by centrifugal force to the liquid, small droplets tear rotation thrown as droplets umbrella situation. 

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