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outdoor portable power station

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In view of the problems of small mobile energy storage capacity, low power and short power supply time in the existing market, our company overcame a series of technical problems and launched the QX3600 outdoor portable power station with huge capacity, high power and light weight. Compared with the existing energy storage products in the market, QX3600 has the following advantages.

1. Huge capacity, powerful power
The 3.6kwh large power can meet the power demand of a long time outdoor activity, and the 3.2kw large power can meet the power demand of various high-power electrical appliances such as outdoor leisure play, outdoor small work, daily life and office. The use of high-power electrical appliances such as outdoor camping air conditioning, hot pot eating, barbecue, electric vehicle charging is no longer a luxury.

2. Compact and portable
The overall size is 445 * 234 * 337mm, and the total weight is 22kg. Small and light, it can be carried at any time, no matter in the car or at home, office or unit. It adopts a unique separated design of movement, which is divided into a body and two battery modules. It can be carried separately, and the single weight can not exceed 8kg at most. It is very portable, and a woman can easily handle it alone.

3. Continuous power supply for multiple purposes of one unit

The host and a battery module can be applied in different scenarios separately. The host body has four 220V AC output interfaces, two 120W cigarette lighter output interfaces, one 220V AC input interface, one vehicle charging input interface and one solar charging input interface. There are two battery modules in total. Each battery module has 1.8 kilowatt hours of electricity. It has one TYPE-C output interface and two USB output interfaces. The battery module can be pulled out separately as an independent power supply to supply power for 3C and other digital appliances. At the same time, the two battery modules can take turns to work, one is drawn out to supplement power and the other continues to work, so that the host can continue to supply power. In addition, it also has UPS function, so that you can work without worrying about power failure.

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