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Mosquito Misting Sprayer Ideal for Disinfection

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Mosquito misting system is best tool for pest control and disinfection indoor and outdoor, such as garden, courtyard, orchard and so on. ORIOLE misting system includes electric ulv sprayer OR-DP1, OR-DP2, OR-DP2L, OR-DP3 and battery ulv sprayer OR-DP3Z. All these ulv misting sprayers can produce tiny mist size in micron, acheaving great fog effect. The micron mist stays longer in the air and on the treated object, which can effectively clean the environment, control insects and prevent disease. In hot and wet summer, mosquitoes, flies and other insects are rampant and bring pathogenic bacterium in the air, which may threaten human being's health. Therefore, ORIOLE misting ulv sprayer is best choose to make disinfection. Among our ulv sprayer, OR-DP1 has high cost performance and is very popular with clients; OR-DP2, OR-DP2L and OR-DP3 are more energy-saving with smaller power, while OR-DP3Z is lithium battery powered and is easy to carry anywhere as you want. All in all, welcome to try ORIOLE mist ulv sprayers. We will give you best price, best quality and best service. Published and edited by Chancy

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