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Mosquito fogger

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Fogger is a tool that is used to atomize and spray some sort of fogging solution such as insecticide, pesticide and sanitizer to treat a pest, mold, insect and other problems. Foggers can be categorized into two main categories cold and hot or thermal foggers. Cold foggers use cold fogging techniques such as high air pressure to atomize the fogging solution, and thermal foggers use heat to vaporize a fogging solution to produce fog with very small particles of solution. There are indoor foggers made for usage in homes, warehouses and similar areas to get rid of pests, molds, mildew, odors and viruses, and there are yard foggers that are used to fog outdoor areas to control and limit population of different pests and insects in that area. Foggers are tools that can be used to treat small areas such as a single room in a house or a back yard, and also are used for large areas such as storage facilities, warehouses, outdoor fields and even large disaster affected urban areas. This is why both thermal and cold foggers have professional tools and personal usage tools. Professional tools have powerful electric or gasoline engines that can atomize high amounts fogging solution in short time and can be used to treat large areas. Commercial mosquito fogger can cost from couple hundred to few thousand dollars. Personal or home use foggers are much smaller, use less powerful engines, usually are made from a plastic material and have approx.
While just few fogger models are made specifically for mosquito control, practically all thermal
and most ULV foggers can be used to spray fogging solutions for insect control. When looking for a mosquito fogger first pay attention if the fogger is suited for outdoor usage, and second if it can be used with various fogging solutions. If it is a universal thermal or cold fogger there are high chances that it can be used to spray insecticide solutions for mosquito control.
Do mosquito foggers work?
Mosquito foggers are considered to be one of the best method for temporary mosquito control as well as a long term solution to mosquito problem and can be used to reduce mosquito count in a certain area. Unlike other methods such as many insect repellents and bug zappers that provide a temporary solution to a mosquito problem, foggers, if used continuously (few times a week depending on the size of a mosquito problem), can reduce a mosquito population in a certain range and even get rid of some mosquitoes species in that area for long time. Although mosquito fogger is an effective mosquito control method.
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