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ORIOLE Mini Fogger for Insect Control

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ORIOLE mini foggers are designed for insect control, disinfection, sterilization, ect., work with oil-based chemicals.

ORIOLE mini foggers include gas powered foggers and electric fogger as follows:
Butane gas fogger OR-F01, butane/propane gas fogger OR-F02, butane/propane gas fogger OR-F03, electric fogger OR-E02.
Among which, butane/propane gas fogger OR-F03 is fog-mist dual use fogger, while others are thermal foggers.

Featured with stable performance, long service life and energy saving fuction, ORIOLE mini foggers are popular with clients, widely used for mosquito, fly, bedbug and other insects in garden, jard, parking lot, street, ect.

For clean living environment, ORIOLE mini foggers are best choice, welcome to enquire and order, we will always supply best products, best quality and best service.

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