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Handheld mini fogger

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Handheld mini fogger head remains on the timing of the plant above the height of about 1 meter. Since this type of spray nozzle eliminating the liquid, the liquid in the bottle down out of their own. Therefore, when the motor is not turned on before, the vial should be below the top of the head. When spraying, you should start the motor, then change the bottle and head position so that the bottle down, the body perpendicular to the ground, the liquid that flows out on their own at the top, the bottle. 

When spraying, starting from the downwind direction, come and walking routes should be separated by a certain distance, is the spray rate. Size of the
 sprayerrate should be based on the size of the wind speed and flexibility. Wind hour, spray rate should be smaller, and vice versa should be bigger, generally 3 to 3.5 meters is appropriate. Spraying time preferably in the morning, afternoon or cloudy, avoid sun exposure. The best use of ultra-low-volume spraying the absorption agent, fumigants or stomach poison. Dosage is generally about 50 grams per acre. For the amount of water available, "the same amount of law."

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