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Garden spray from oriole group

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With the gradual development of the garden industry, working landscape industry increasingly more complex,garden spray is more widely used . When sprayer using, improve work efficiency, but at the same garden sprayer will appear in the course of multiple faults. The following details about garden sprayer common faults and exclusion method .
1, No water absorption causes: the switch to open the wrong place ; suction head filter clogging ; suction pipe serious leak ; missing seals or seals did not put away. Remedy: recalibrate the handle position ; clear the blockage ; replace the suction pipe ; reloading or put seals.
2, Regulator failure causes: pressure regulator spring damage ; gauge damage. Remedy: Replace the spring ; repair or replace the pressure gauge.
3, Because of slow water absorption : the pump inlet and outlet valves wear ; pump inlet and outlet valve spring break ; suction pipe leakage, blockage ; pool water level is too low, water difficult. Remedy: Replace the valve ; replace the spring ; examination to exclude ; improve water absorption conditions .
4, Gauge pressure instability, hands swinging big pump outlet pipe shake violently reasons: pump chamber pressure is low or too large; valve gate damaged; gas chamber diaphragm damage. Remedy: adequate gas or deflated to a predetermined pressure ; replace the valve ; replace the diaphragm.
5, It is not on the sprayer pressure regulator, water clear reasons for the reduction : Filter filter clogging ; triangle belt wear, drive slip. Remedy: Clear the blockage ; replace the V-belt.
6, Reasons not uneven spray or fog : spray nozzle clogging or worn ; pump does not supply fluid. Remedy: clean or replace the nozzle ; check the working status of the pump or clean the filter.
7, Because of poor atomization : pump pressure is too low ; nozzle orifice wear. Remedy: increase the pressure ; replace the nozzle.
8, Spray rate, range is not enough reason: low fan speed ; fan V-belt wear, slip. Remedy: increase the tractor throttle, increase engine speed, adjust the fan vents windshield ; replace the V-belt.
9, Diaphragm sprang cup water oil mixture, piston, piston pump outlet road appeared water mixture reason : diaphragm pump diaphragm rupture damage ; piston, piston ring damage the pump . Remedy: Replace the diaphragm ; replace the seals.

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