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Electric sprayer nozzle choice

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Electric sprayer can be applied to wheat, corn, cotton, rice, fruit trees, greenhouses, grapes, tobacco, tea, flowers and gardening. Sprayer battery capacity, intelligence work, simple operation, long working hours, time-saving 2/3, effort 3/4, efficacy increased by 1.
Electric sprayer nozzle types are dozens of species, their size, flow rate, material is divided into hundreds. In order to conduct a detailed analysis of the crop varieties, spray medium, cropping patterns, weather and geographical conditions of the nozzle selection. Nozzle Selection incorrectly can cause or effect of reducing re-spray, for up to five the number of nozzles, nozzle straight, vertical double nozzle, Y-word dual nozzle, Mist Sprayer nozzles, single nozzle requires careful selection.

Electric sprayer



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